Introducing Pointz

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A fun way to bring customers into your store.


Reward customers for coming to your store.

It's easy, fun, and customers love it.


Plug in the Pointz sensor.

Offer rewards.

It's that simple.


Download the Pointz app.

Spend time at Pointz locations.

Get free stuff.

Use anywhere

Pointz can be used at

Simple pricing



How does it work?
Plug in the Pointz sensor anywhere in your store.

Tell your customers to download the Pointz mobile app.

When a customer comes in, spends some amount of time (you choose) at your location, they will get 1 point.

After they get so many points, you give them a reward.

It's incredibly easy and customers love it.
Plug in the Pointz sensor and that's it!

We set up every business with suggested rewards and time required to get a point.

Businesses can customize the rewards and other settings at any time.

It's easy and you're in control.
All customers have to do is simply download the Pointz mobile app and turn on bluetooth.

When they visit your location the sensor will detect when they came and exactly how long they stayed.

If they stayed long enough, they will get 1 point.

They don't have to check-in, sign up, or even have the app running.

It couldn't be easier.
What can I customize?
You have full control over which rewards to offer, how long customers must stay in order to get a point, and how many points per day customers can get.

To make it easier, we set all of this up initially for you depending on the nature of your business, but you can change it at any time.